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Undertow (2016) & Blue (2015) for FOAM First Editions, 2018

Exhibitions & Events

2022What a Genderful World, Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2021NUDE NOW, curated by Martijn van de Griendt, Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Femme et Fatale, curated by Image Nation, Galleria Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milan, Italy

Buy My Darlings – Nude Edition, one day photo sale and presentation, NDSM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  

Intimacy, a week long workshop by Lana Prins, organized by TPW, Ronciglione, Italy

How Sweet Life Is, Huis van de Fotografie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

Beftival, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2020What a Genderful World, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Gevel Expositie, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

2019New Femininity, Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nature Within, X Bank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018First Editions, FOAM gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We See You We Hear You, The Hospital Club, London, Great Britain

Higher Animal, SBK Art Library, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Young Sprouts Talent, SBK Art Library, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Summer Show, Club Gem x Glashaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

2017Watching, Forever, Forever, curated by Cloud Gallery, Adam & Siam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Miscellaneous, Las Palmas II, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2016Rough Romance, Hoxton Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

2015Lana Prins, Gallery DATTA, Lyon, France


Harper’s Bazaar, Le Petit Voyeur, Cosmopolitan, LINDA meiden, Glamour Magazine, Stern, i-D, Lomography, IGNANT, C-Heads Magazine, Hunger Magazine, Metal Magazine, Art das KunstMagazin, Het Parool, NRC


Harper’s Bazaar, FOAM, Bank Giro Loterij, LINDA Meiden, Cosmopolitan, Glamour Magazine, Yoni, Polette, JD Sports, Wereldmuseum